Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Gift of Great Health

Less than a year ago I had severe fatigue on a very consistent basis. My quality of life was not what I expected and I thought how can this be my life, this is terrible, this isn't fair. I spent a lot of time sleeping due to extreme exhaust and couldn't have much of a social life. My daughter on many occasions had to make me dinner or clean up after a meal because I just couldn't do it. As a parent that was very hard to have my daughter doing things for me that I should have been able to do for her. Every day tasks like laundry were so difficult for me because not only was there fatigue but right along with that was the most extreme joint pain. Some mornings it was all I could do to have a little bit of breakfast and go right back to bed. Not to mention not being able to do the things with my daughter that she wanted me to do. It was terrible. I thought what is wrong with me, but had no desire to pursue the necessary medical attention because I was just too tired. I did work of course but it was frequently interupted by my fatigue.

 Over the course of the past 81/2 months my life has improved more than I ever could have imagined. I have had less and less fatigue and as most of you know my energy level shot up on the fisrt day I took my supplements and it has increased ever since. I have done things I thought would be impossibe with the state of my health. I am able to do my daily activities and have an active social life. I have even had to change my way of thinking. First I had to learn that no amount of supplementation will change the fact that I am human and have physical limitations. The second was that I no longer have to fear what most people call a normal schedule. I used to limit myself quite a bit because if I pushed myself to the  "norm" I would pay dearly for it. Now I am able to say yes to things that I couldn't have done in the past and that believe it or not takes a lot of getting used to.

 I have been absolutely fatigue free for a few months now. It's been amazing! My joint pain has not visited me in quite some time either. I have a new life and I am so happy!

My supplements have changed my life and if you're ready for a new life it's ready for you!