Friday, August 31, 2012

Detox Challenges

 Being away from home for a couple days while detoxing can be a bit of a challenge. I am spending a couple of days with family and planning to stay on track with my detox.

 I did bring a few items along with me but also forgot a few. I have been tempted by meat, and CHEESE CAKE! But having done this detox before I do know that having something like that will cause me great pain! The temptaion is definitely there but the thought of stomach pains because I eat something heavy all of a sudden has worked to keep me from making any big mistakes. I have had a few things not normally eaten during my detox like cheese and dried fruit in a salad but no great harm will be done by those few unauthorized items.

 I do want to stay on track and move into a serious weight loss effort. I have lost 2 lbs. this week and I would like to continue that trend. Those 2 little pounds make such a difference in clothes and comfort so I am looking forward to continuing to shed these extra pounds!

Monday, August 27, 2012


So I started a detox yesterday. I do a vegetarian diet with lots of liquids, fruits and veggies. It usually takes a little getting used to but once I get into the swing of things I really enjoy it.

Now keep in mind I am a hard core carnivore but I am learning that it's not so good for me. There are plenty of other ways to get healthier proteins so that's what I am incorporating into my diet. I will treat meat more like a treat and just have it once in a while instead of every night for dinner. I have really made serious cut backs on daily meat intake already so this shouldn't be too big a change. I do notice that I feel much better when I don't have it frequently.

I also use supplements to aid with the detox. I take a great multi and alfalfa which helps to detox the system, a liver detox, B-Complex for energy, etc. I take a number of supplements on a daily basis to keep me in tip top shape. Some people do use fiber but I don't, just because I am pretty good on regularity.

I am happy to say that I have lost 1.5 lbs in this short time and that's why I have started the detox. I have some pounds to shed and there is no better way to start than with a great detox period.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Loving Our Pets

We all love our pets. My Puppy has been gone for a few years now and not a day goes by that I don't think about her. She was the sweetest dog there ever was. I loved her so much and did anything I could for her. At one point she was actually the baby of the family for many years. And she was definitely treated that way.

Something I never thought about was how the things I used around the house could potentially be dangerous to her or the kids. Of course we all know that things like bleach and amonia are dangerous and to keep them away from pets and chidren. But I wouldn't have thought that the stuff I use to clean my floor may harm my dog if she licked her paws or decided to lick the floor hours after I had cleaned them.

A friend of mine told me that her dog would have seizures and they finally figured out it was from the swiffer mop solution. WOW! I wonder what it does to the baby crawling around on that floor!
I think that it's so sad that products that are supposed to "clean" mostly leave dangerous residue on our floors, counters, high chair trays etc. People with asthma, allergies, chronic fatigue. fibromyalgia, MS and so on and so on are also affected by these dangerous chemicals. Some of these conditions can actually be brought on by these cleaning products.

I was so happy to find products that didn't cause me to have an asthma attack every time I cleaned. And I know when I clean my home my little neices are safe when they come to visit. We must be so careful about what we use to clean our homes. I have included a great video about a family who had a similar experience and what they did to keep their home safe. It's pretty extreme!

If you would like to know about safe household cleaning proucts that work better than the store brands and are far less expensive please let me know.

                                                    "Real clean is good for our families. "

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How Clean Are Your Counters?

How clean are your counters? I mean really. If I wash a piece of fruit and set it on my counter is it still clean? If my little niece is eating at my kitchen table and she sets her food on the table is it safe? Some cleaners I have used in the past leave a residue that is very visible. What is that residue? Do I want that residue on my food? Or on my hands or the hands of the children in my home? No way!

 Having battled with Chronic Fatigue, asthma and allergies and now knowing what some of the ingredients in household "cleaners" actually do I wonder how much those products affected my health. Now I use only the safest household cleaners and personal care products. For me I will never go back. Why on earth would I want to clean my counters or my body with things that can cause cancer, fatigue, mood swings, asthma and so on and so on? I want my counters to be truly clean. I can actually clean my fruit and vegetables with the same stuff I clean my counters with! Now that's safe.

I can honestly say since changing out household products and improving my nutrition and supplementation I am fatigue, asthma and allergy free! I am healthier than I have been in years and I know that my home is safe for all who enter!

If you are interested in a list of products and some of the harmful ingredients in them I am happy to share.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Today I was watching one of those tv channels at the doctors office. It was a segment about child care givers. So sad to see children taking care of their sick parents. I was so struck by this and really felt for these kids. I have had just the tiniest taste of this with my daughter. For quite some time she had to be my helper. It wasn't anything as severe as what these kids were dealing with. I was still able to get things done here and there, run my errands and take care of things in the home. She did have to help me on my bad days though. On the days I spent in bed, couldn't prepare food for us or clean up after myself. I felt so terrible having her do the things for me that I should have been doing for her.

The reason I have to go over these things over and over is so that I don't forget what it was like. I want to always remember how sick I was and how far I have come. I look back and I am so thankful for my health and being able to get out of bed and STAY out of bed. To be able to be out and about without a severe backlash the next day. To be able to help others get and stay healthy is now my mission in life.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Too Busy To Post

 Busy, busy, busy! No posts for a while. I guess in a way it's a good thing. I have really been enjoying my health and getting out doing the things I hadn't been able to do for such a long time.

 I have been so happy to be out and about enjoying my life with my kids and visiting family. It's been so great to be able to spend so much time with friends and family. It's become crystal clear how short time with those important people can be. So many funerals lately, so many scares, so many getting older and getting ready to leave this world. Our lives can change in an instant. Any one of us may not be blessed with another day.

 On those long days with chronic fatigue the worst thing was the feeling of wasted time. I thought my life was just passing me by. It was horrible. And I just couldn't change it. I am so glad that it's over and I can live my life again. If you are suffering I am here to help. If you want to get your life back I am here to help. Don't let another day, week, month or year go by. It's time to enjoy life again!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Best Winter EVER!!!!

Let me just start by saying WOW! What a great winter! Now for those of you who know me you know that winter has got to be my absolute least favorite season, followed closely by summer. I am not one who enjoys extreme weather at all. I Love the warmth of the sun and a cool breeze as much as anyone but fingers freezing off and being burnt to a crisp are not my idea of enjoyable weather. So that being said....THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST WINTER EVER!!!!! It has been so mild that I haven't lost any toes while trying to fight through the frozen tundra of the Wal Mart parking lot to get the necessary supplies for hibernation during the cold dark abyss of winter. I haven't had to entertain the thought of digging out my car only to drive it along with mindless morons traveling at the speed of light through the unplowed streets of anguish! Oh Joy! I have been able to get out and walk. I have been able to enjoy other people relishing in the beautiful weather walking and talking out doors and feeling the sun on my face. Who could ask for a better winter?
 Not only has the weather been great but so has my health! This is the first winter I can remember where I didn't get the much dreaded sinus infection. I didn't have ANY allergy symptoms and my asthma has not made an appearance in many, many months! Wow! A double whammy! Great weather and great health! Woo hoo!