Monday, July 25, 2011

Who's That Girl?

Anyone who really knows me is going to get a real kick out of this post. Why? Because anyone who knows me would never describe me as perky or chipper. Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate the heat, especially when it's humid. Humidity to me is like hot, wet death. I can't stand it! It makes me feel terrible, sluggish, fried and lazy. Get the picture?

 Keep in mind when I started this blog it was because I was trying out the Shaklee products and wanted to keep a record of what I tried and how it worked along with my health and whether or not it improved. My overall health and attitude have changed drastically! How drastically? Well I had a conversation with someone recently and was telling her how much better I felt since starting with Shaklee. She said she could see the difference in me, that before I had a very laid back type of personality and now I am way more perky. I was shocked when she said that. We don't spend a ton of time together but do see each other very often. Let me tell you no one in my life has EVER called me perky! That's like calling Donald Trump funny or Simon Cowell nice! Is the new me perky? Am I more chipper and fun loving? I sure feel different.

 Another iteresting experience happened yesterday. It was sunny, hot and humid, mind you not as hot as it has been it was a cool 90 degrees or so and very humid. I had a long morning and came home but still felt great. I had all this energy that I just had to burn off so I decided to go for a walk. WHAT?! Why on Earth would I even think that, let the words come out of my mouth and then actually act on it. That can't be what happened! I should have talked myself right out of that! But, I didn't. Not only did I want to got for a walk in the heat but I wanted to do it with purpose and effort. Who is this person thinking these ridiculous things?! Not me! But it was me and I did go. I started out with a run up the hill then decided to walk the mile trail as quickly as I could and actually followed through! Who is this person?! I walked (with my 10 yr old partner) the mile trail around the lake in 18 minutes! I know it's no record or anything but it was quite an achievemnet for me. I don't do heat let alone exert myself in any way in it. It actually felt good! Is this what it feels like to be healthy? It's been so long I don't remember, but I like it!

Monday, July 11, 2011


What is Alfalfa besides a character on The Little Rascals or sprouts that you can put on salad or sandwiches? I am sure some of my readers don't even know who the Little Rascals are! Well Alfala is a plant that is chock full of nutrients. Its roots go way down into the soil where other plants don't go.

 When I heard about all of the wonderful things that Alfalfa can help with I thought I would give the supplement a try. For me in particular I wanted to see if it would help with my allergies and stomach problems.

 So I have been taking it for about a month and thought well, I don't really know if this is helping me or not so I am going to stop taking it and see what happens. It was only a day or 2 when I noticed that my nasal congestion had returned. Not to mention I totally forgot that I am at my daughter's soccer games twice a week with no allergic reactions whatsoever! I haven't noticed that my stomach problems have resumed but the congestion alone is worth the effort of taking the supplements for me. I'll be getting right back into that routine today!