Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Best Winter EVER!!!!

Let me just start by saying WOW! What a great winter! Now for those of you who know me you know that winter has got to be my absolute least favorite season, followed closely by summer. I am not one who enjoys extreme weather at all. I Love the warmth of the sun and a cool breeze as much as anyone but fingers freezing off and being burnt to a crisp are not my idea of enjoyable weather. So that being said....THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST WINTER EVER!!!!! It has been so mild that I haven't lost any toes while trying to fight through the frozen tundra of the Wal Mart parking lot to get the necessary supplies for hibernation during the cold dark abyss of winter. I haven't had to entertain the thought of digging out my car only to drive it along with mindless morons traveling at the speed of light through the unplowed streets of anguish! Oh Joy! I have been able to get out and walk. I have been able to enjoy other people relishing in the beautiful weather walking and talking out doors and feeling the sun on my face. Who could ask for a better winter?
 Not only has the weather been great but so has my health! This is the first winter I can remember where I didn't get the much dreaded sinus infection. I didn't have ANY allergy symptoms and my asthma has not made an appearance in many, many months! Wow! A double whammy! Great weather and great health! Woo hoo!