Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Morning Without My Shake

So I have been having a Cinch Meal Replacement Shake every morning for the past month or so. It has been wonderful. It holds me over better than any thing else I could have for breakfast, aside from a large heavy meal. I feel great all morning and usually have small snacks through out the afternoon instead of a big lunch.

 This morning I was out of my shake mix and had a regular breakfast and boy do I regret it. I had often thought if I want something other than my shake for breakfast that I should just have it for lunch or dinner but don't skip my shake. Well, I was right. I am regretting it today. I don't have as much energy as I usually do and was hungry shortly after breakfast. What did I eat? A whole wheat bagel and a fruit smoothie. Tasty yes, the right I won't do that again!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pay Day Yay!

 When I first heard about Shaklee I was in very poor health and wanted to make a change in my life. Not only in my health but also financially. I love the products and can't imagine that I would ever stop using them. When my friend and I first discussed Shaklee I needed a change. she told me how much better she was feeling and that she was making money too. Well, I wanted desperatly to feel better and was kind of interested in the financial opportunity. When she told me I could earn a car too that really interested me as mine really is old, but I can't afford to replace it. So after hearing about all of the ways I could earn money with Shaklee and having tried and loved the products, I was in.

 When I started to feel better I started to think about my friends and family and the better life I wanted for them too. I shared my progress with them in the hopes that they could also get healthy. I love telling people about these products beacause they are amazing. For me it really was a gift and I love sharing that gift. I have had people purchase the products from me and love them enough to become regular customers and also start enjoying better health.

 I not only use the vitamins and supplements but I also use the cleaning products. They are the best I have ever used. So I have purchased quite a bit of stuff. When my friends and family purchase their products from me I get a commission but not only do I earn based on their purchases but on mine too. So when I shop for myself I earn some of my money right back! How can I beat that? Wal Mart doesn't give me anything for shopping there and neither does any one else for that matter! Oh sure I can get one of those little punch cards at some places but what do I get? 10% off my purchase when my card is full....if I don't lose it. With Shaklee I get cold, hard cash!

 When I joined as a distributor I purchased a Gold Kit. I got a ton of stuff in that kit along with a certificate for $100! I also got credit for that kit and will get paid commission on that kit. So I recently recieved my first check. I was so excited! So wait a minute, I bought stuff to make me feel a million times better, to clean my home without chemicals, I shared these wonderful products with my freinds and family and I get a check?! Not only did I get a check but I made more than the intitial investment the Gold Kit cost me! I could really get used to this! So wait....can I earn a real income this way? Yes! Thousands of people are already doing just that! Not just people I will never meet or maybe I'll see them in a video or pictures. These are people that I can see and touch and actually talk to. People who have a great income, who have earned cars and trips. I am going all out to earn an income through Shaklee! I want all that they have to offer., income, car, trips I'm going for it. Now you don't have to buy a kit and you don't have to go all out. You can spend a small amount of money for basic memberships that both give you a commission and don't give you acommission. One mebership will earn you some basic commission and there is one that will just afford you the discounted price on products you purchase. For me I know I have lots of people I plan to share this with and I love what this company is doing and how they do it so I am all in!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


 Let me start out by telling you what convention is. As you know I am a home schooling mom and convention comes around once a year. It's wonderful! It's a time of encouragement and confirmation that rejuvinates home school families. This convention spans 3 days. It consists of hour long sessions from morning til night. The first day starts off at 12 and I am usually there untill around 6 for classes and then maybe off to shop. I don't do the evening classes. The next 2 days are from about 8-6. There are classes on everything from high school transcripts to why Johhny hates to read. We have great speakers who come from all over to teach and encourage us. We also get updates on the government and home school. It is a jam packed 3 days. There is also a massive vendor hall that fills a large gymnasium. We shop and are able to look at the things we are interested in to see if it fits our needs. So for 3 days we run from class to calss and through the vendor hall a million times. These are 3 very long days.

 I look forward to this every year even though I know it will take its toll. Usually well into the second day I am getting pretty worn out and really just fried. As I run into friends who are also on their second day they also have that dazed, glazed over look and we still have one more day to go! By the 3rd day I am exhausted! I am not getting as much out of it as I would like but I stay to the very end. Then it's time to get my daughter, pack up and go home. We saty with family for the 3 days and when I'm done I usually pack up quickly and get moving towards home totally wiped out. Not only am I tired but my knees, back and hips would have been quite painful right from the first day.

 So knowing this would be a busy couple of days I was armed with the Shaklee products I knew I wanted. I of course had my Vitalizer, Vivix, Cinch Shakes for breakfast, Energy Tea and my Energy Chews. All but the Energy Chews I have been using for about a month or so. So first day in was great! I felt great and didn't even think twice about it. Went back to our home for the weekend and had a great dinner visited and even worked on a project that evening without much concern or feeling too tired. Now usualy by  the time I get back "home" after convention each day I want desperatly to vist with the family I am staying with but that is always cut short by my exhaustion. So this time around was really nice. I was able to visit and still get up early enough to be on time every day. The second day was great! I didn't feel like a deer caught in the headlights and made it through the day without feeling tired at all. The third day was also good I was able to concentrate and still get a lot out of the sessions. I did rely on a couple of Energy Chews on the 3rd day as sitting in the sessions for about an hour was starting to catch up with me. Those kept me from feeling tired and gave me the focus I needed. I was still feeling great and as I ran off to one of my last few classes I was heading down the stairs (the first time I needed to through out the whole 3 days) and as I braced my self to go down the stairs I realized I didn't need to. Oh Joy! No pain! I went all 3 days and never even noticed! I had no knee, back or hip pain! The stairs were a breeze! HOORAY!!! I was so elated at that point, it was just amazing. My life is truly different now. The day didn't end there. Oh no, I went back "home" after the day at convention was done and ended up staying and visiting late into the evening. My daiughter and I left there and went out to eat then home. It was great. I was tired when I got home. But it was great to make it through that without feeling exhaused and in constant pain.

 As if that weren't enough, the convention took place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The Saturday before I left for Arkansas with friends it was a 10 hour drive(12 for us). From the time we got there we did so many fun activities we were always doing something! We stayed until Tuesday and made our 12 hour drive back. I got in around 9pm. Wednesday I unpacked did 3 loads of laundry up and down 2 flights of stairs repacked and shopped. Thursday off to convention! What a great week powered by Shaklee!