Monday, July 11, 2011


What is Alfalfa besides a character on The Little Rascals or sprouts that you can put on salad or sandwiches? I am sure some of my readers don't even know who the Little Rascals are! Well Alfala is a plant that is chock full of nutrients. Its roots go way down into the soil where other plants don't go.

 When I heard about all of the wonderful things that Alfalfa can help with I thought I would give the supplement a try. For me in particular I wanted to see if it would help with my allergies and stomach problems.

 So I have been taking it for about a month and thought well, I don't really know if this is helping me or not so I am going to stop taking it and see what happens. It was only a day or 2 when I noticed that my nasal congestion had returned. Not to mention I totally forgot that I am at my daughter's soccer games twice a week with no allergic reactions whatsoever! I haven't noticed that my stomach problems have resumed but the congestion alone is worth the effort of taking the supplements for me. I'll be getting right back into that routine today!

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