Monday, June 20, 2011

Pay Day Yay!

 When I first heard about Shaklee I was in very poor health and wanted to make a change in my life. Not only in my health but also financially. I love the products and can't imagine that I would ever stop using them. When my friend and I first discussed Shaklee I needed a change. she told me how much better she was feeling and that she was making money too. Well, I wanted desperatly to feel better and was kind of interested in the financial opportunity. When she told me I could earn a car too that really interested me as mine really is old, but I can't afford to replace it. So after hearing about all of the ways I could earn money with Shaklee and having tried and loved the products, I was in.

 When I started to feel better I started to think about my friends and family and the better life I wanted for them too. I shared my progress with them in the hopes that they could also get healthy. I love telling people about these products beacause they are amazing. For me it really was a gift and I love sharing that gift. I have had people purchase the products from me and love them enough to become regular customers and also start enjoying better health.

 I not only use the vitamins and supplements but I also use the cleaning products. They are the best I have ever used. So I have purchased quite a bit of stuff. When my friends and family purchase their products from me I get a commission but not only do I earn based on their purchases but on mine too. So when I shop for myself I earn some of my money right back! How can I beat that? Wal Mart doesn't give me anything for shopping there and neither does any one else for that matter! Oh sure I can get one of those little punch cards at some places but what do I get? 10% off my purchase when my card is full....if I don't lose it. With Shaklee I get cold, hard cash!

 When I joined as a distributor I purchased a Gold Kit. I got a ton of stuff in that kit along with a certificate for $100! I also got credit for that kit and will get paid commission on that kit. So I recently recieved my first check. I was so excited! So wait a minute, I bought stuff to make me feel a million times better, to clean my home without chemicals, I shared these wonderful products with my freinds and family and I get a check?! Not only did I get a check but I made more than the intitial investment the Gold Kit cost me! I could really get used to this! So wait....can I earn a real income this way? Yes! Thousands of people are already doing just that! Not just people I will never meet or maybe I'll see them in a video or pictures. These are people that I can see and touch and actually talk to. People who have a great income, who have earned cars and trips. I am going all out to earn an income through Shaklee! I want all that they have to offer., income, car, trips I'm going for it. Now you don't have to buy a kit and you don't have to go all out. You can spend a small amount of money for basic memberships that both give you a commission and don't give you acommission. One mebership will earn you some basic commission and there is one that will just afford you the discounted price on products you purchase. For me I know I have lots of people I plan to share this with and I love what this company is doing and how they do it so I am all in!

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