Sunday, February 26, 2012

WOW! What a week!

 Some of you may have read my post earlier in the week about my hike and how amazing it was to be able to do that. In the past I would have paid for a day like that with days in bed recovering. But how amazing is it that not only was I able to have a great time on that hike and not have to recover from it but I also had a super busy week of go, go, go!

 For someone with Chronic Fatigue you CAN NOT go, go, go. Your body just can't take it. There was a time when I forced myself to work out every day for maybe 4 or 5 days and I paid for it dearly. Now keep in mind I wasn't running 5 miles or anything, it was just some walking and light weight training. I was determined to "snap out of it." It took me weeks to recover from that. I suffered quite a bit and thought I can't even get myself out of this hole of inactivity if I try I just dig myself in deeper than where I already am. It was very depressing. Even when I had good days my activy would take it's toll in the days to come. So all that being said just to paint a picture of what my life was like. So you can understand why this little 4 or 5 mile hike is such a big deal to me. Not only did I manage this hike and enjoy myself, I didn't pay for it. I also kept right on going! I still did the duites of the day and then went right on with a super busy week never stopping to pay the piper! I went right on with work, errands and lot's of visiting with friends and family through out the week. All of this was topped off by helping friends move on Saturday. Now of course I wasn't moving furniture or anything but we did move them out of a second floor apartment. So for me up and down stairs and running back and forth is something that I couldn't do when they moved into that apartment. I was so happy to be there and be a part of it. I was walking from my car at one point and just thanked God for the healing in my life. I was almost near tears! To hike and help with a move in one week let alone all of the things I had been able to do through out the week! Wow! This week really has been quite a milestone for me. To realize that I am better, that I don't need to pay for any little enjoyment I get out of life, to paricipate in life! I am blessed! I am so thankful to the people in my life who helped to bring about that healing. I can only hope that I can spread the healing and great health to others the way they did for me.

 If you are struggling with health issues please know that THERE IS HELP and healing out there. I pray that you can find it the way I did and if there is anyway I can help I am here.

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