Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Hike

Yesterday I went on a hike to an area I love and have not been able to visit in quite some time. The last time I did go I walked just a short distance and had to turn back. With the chronic fatigue, severe joint pain and asthma I was suffering from for the past few years long walks in areas with steep canyons and lots of stairs have been something I wouldn't even contemplate. So now that I am feeling much better and have been taking 2 mile hikes and other long walks I knew this would be within my ability to do. I prepared for the hike by having a balanced breakfast full of vitamins and nutrients along with my daily supplements. On the way out there (it was over an hr ride) I had an Energizing Soy Protein shake. A few hours in I realized all of a sudden that I hadn't packed any snacks, I was burning a lot of calories and was suddenly starving! I was very happy to find a Cinch Snack Bar in my bag. That little bar kept me going the rest of the afternoon until we left. I was able to enjoy the walk, scenery and wonderful company. I am so thankful to have my health back and know that it just keeps improving every single day.
I am looking forward to continuing to hike and improving my health and start planning some wonderful hiking vacations again. A year ago I thought I would never be able to take those kinds of vacations again and now I am feeling like I am on top of the world!!

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  1. So happy for you Lisa! I had mono as a kid, and then chronic fatigue as an adult and have no doubt that my healthy living habits learned from Shaklee helped me overcome. Can't imagine my life without my daily nutrition "fix"! Keep it up, you'll continue to rebuild healthy cells which will create a healthy new you!