Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just a pound or 2

How much weight does the average American gain over the holidays? How does this weight gain affect us? I actually lost some weight before the holidays and kept a close eye on my weight gain over the past few weeks. If you're like me you may notice a comfortable pair of pants begin to pinch before you really notice it on the scale. It can be such a small amount of weight that makes you uncomfortable but before you know it you're up a size! What if we managed to only gain a pound or 2 over the holiday season? No big deal right? Here is a great article on holiday weight gain. Take a look.
I have struggled with my weight for the past 20 years or so. I was the kind of kid who could eat ANYTHING and never worry about it, that didn't help me much when that changed and I didn't know how to manage my food and activity. I have been working very hard to relearn how to eat, manage my weight and my health. In the upcoming months I will be using a great system to lose a few pounds and I will also be working with a group of people who are also interested in losing some weight and getting healthy. If you know of someone who is interested, please let me know or put them in touch with me. Together we will succeed!

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