Friday, August 31, 2012

Detox Challenges

 Being away from home for a couple days while detoxing can be a bit of a challenge. I am spending a couple of days with family and planning to stay on track with my detox.

 I did bring a few items along with me but also forgot a few. I have been tempted by meat, and CHEESE CAKE! But having done this detox before I do know that having something like that will cause me great pain! The temptaion is definitely there but the thought of stomach pains because I eat something heavy all of a sudden has worked to keep me from making any big mistakes. I have had a few things not normally eaten during my detox like cheese and dried fruit in a salad but no great harm will be done by those few unauthorized items.

 I do want to stay on track and move into a serious weight loss effort. I have lost 2 lbs. this week and I would like to continue that trend. Those 2 little pounds make such a difference in clothes and comfort so I am looking forward to continuing to shed these extra pounds!

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  1. You're doing great Lisa! Thank you for sharing your journey.