Monday, August 13, 2012

Loving Our Pets

We all love our pets. My Puppy has been gone for a few years now and not a day goes by that I don't think about her. She was the sweetest dog there ever was. I loved her so much and did anything I could for her. At one point she was actually the baby of the family for many years. And she was definitely treated that way.

Something I never thought about was how the things I used around the house could potentially be dangerous to her or the kids. Of course we all know that things like bleach and amonia are dangerous and to keep them away from pets and chidren. But I wouldn't have thought that the stuff I use to clean my floor may harm my dog if she licked her paws or decided to lick the floor hours after I had cleaned them.

A friend of mine told me that her dog would have seizures and they finally figured out it was from the swiffer mop solution. WOW! I wonder what it does to the baby crawling around on that floor!
I think that it's so sad that products that are supposed to "clean" mostly leave dangerous residue on our floors, counters, high chair trays etc. People with asthma, allergies, chronic fatigue. fibromyalgia, MS and so on and so on are also affected by these dangerous chemicals. Some of these conditions can actually be brought on by these cleaning products.

I was so happy to find products that didn't cause me to have an asthma attack every time I cleaned. And I know when I clean my home my little neices are safe when they come to visit. We must be so careful about what we use to clean our homes. I have included a great video about a family who had a similar experience and what they did to keep their home safe. It's pretty extreme!

If you would like to know about safe household cleaning proucts that work better than the store brands and are far less expensive please let me know.

                                                    "Real clean is good for our families. "

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