Thursday, April 28, 2011


 The way you feel sure has a lot to do with your attitude. When I was really sick before I knew about my ulcers I was miserable, and it showed. When you are in pain or feel lousy you just don't care. I didn't want to go out most of the time and my overall attitude was not that good. After the ulcers started to heal I felt like a million bucks! Most of my symptoms were going away including the joint pain that seemed to accompany my ulcers. I had a whole new outlook on life. I was able to get up and get my breakfast without pain and get things done around the house without the constant joint pain.

 Now that I have been taking the vitamins for a while I see that difference again. I have like I said not been a ball of energy or anything but I can go all day and really enjoy myself. That is definitely reflected in my attitude. I have a much better dispotion and I can see how my my attitude has changed. I really am happier just because I feel better.

 I used to be so restricted and I was really starting to think of myself as lazy. I would be at the computer and would maybe need something in another part of the room and would just totally put off what I was doing so I wouldn't have to get up. Maybe I didn't feel like doing the dishes or laundry because I was tired. I really thought, what happened to me? Now I can just get the stuff done without giving it a second thought, and let me tell you that feels good! I have a spring in my step and I really love it!

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