Monday, September 12, 2011

Commander Mark Kelly

Commander Mark Kelly Spoke at our 2011 Global Conference in August. He was such an inspiring speaker. He told us that he wasn't exactly the best pilot when he started out but that "how good you are in the beginning is not an indicator of how well you can do." He told us about his landings on aircaract carriers that were less than spectacular but now he has done it over 300 times. He has been recognized numerous times for his outstanding achievements, piloted the Discovery and Endeavour and as I'm sure you know he piloted the Endeavour's last flight.

So I guess what I got out of it was that even though we may have less than spectacular days or get off to a rocky start, don't give up! Keep going and reach your full potential!

 Oh by the way, what supplements does Commader Mark Kelly use? That's right! That's our Vitalizer in that picture!

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