Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dare to Dream Big!

 In a time of economic despair what can we really hope for? Is it safe to dream? To want more? Without dreams where would we be? What would America be? Without dreams we wouldn't drive or fly or step foot on the moon! Without dreams the hungry would stay hungry and the unsaved would remain lost. Without dreams we are nothing! 

 I have recently had the dreams in my heart rekindled. The dream to travel, the dream to help others, the dream to hug the little ones who otherwise would never know love. The dream to make a differnce in this life and the next.

 I am starting off small but I am aiming big! Today I was inspired by a picture of the view from Bora Bora. A trip that can be earned by business owners like myself from Shaklee. Those who earned the trip this year are there now having a great time, sending back pictures and videos of their experience. I am aiming at the big trip to Africa next year! How does this trip relate to my dreams? Well when I earn that trip, I will be able to go out on an excursion with  Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr. Wangari Maathai, to participate in a special humanitarian project.. When I earn that trip I will put an African child through school for a year. When I earn that trip I will have also earned the funds necessary to help the widow and the orphan financially. When I earn that trip I can......

The trip to Africa is a symbol of what I can do when I dream big. What are your dreams? Have they been put on the back burner? Have they been all but forgotten? Stop right now and remember those dreams. Really! Close your eyes and think about it and how it will change the world around you. Don't give up! Fan the flame and dare to dream big!

Talk about your dreams. Make them a reality again, tell them to everyone and move forward toward those dreams! I would love to hear about your dreams! Please leave me a comment and tell me all about them!

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