Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Who Do I Work With?

 Recently I was able to go to the Shaklee 2011 Global Conference. I must say I wasn't going to go and I was very dissapointed but it just wasn't going to work. My team insisted that I go and they made sure I went. If it hadn't been for them I couldn't have gone. They are quite a blessing to me and I am glad to know and work with them. This is just one example of the kind of people I work with.

I was able to meet so many people who have the same vision I have. Not only that but all of the Shaklee speakers echoed that same vision. I felt at home there, like I belonged with these people and was even more motivated to share my story and this amazing company.

 What is the common denominator within the Shaklee Family (That's right I said family)? This is a community of people who care about others. A group of people who have enjoyed improved health and know that there is hope for everyone and want to be sure that no one is missed that everyone can feel better and we want to tell everyone.

 I know that I work with a special kind of people and a special kind of company. We all have dreams of improved health and finances and want to share that with as many people that will let us.

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