Friday, May 27, 2011

30 Day Checklist

 Since the very first day I took my Shaklee supplements I noticed a big difference. I attended a seminar a few weeks ago and one of the speakers said to make a list of all of the ailments that you have when you first start out on the products and check back on that list every 30 days. I thought wow that's a great idea! So I wrote everything down that I could think of. Here's most of my list. I'll spare you some of the gorey details and not list everything.

up 2-3 times a night for bathroom
low energy
easily irritated
extreme fatigue-in bed every few days due to exhaustion
pain in knees
pain in hips
back pain
gall stones
fatty liver
shoulder pain
frequent stomach upset
poor mood
asthma attacks

Here is my list at the 30 day mark:

insomnia GONE
up 2-3 times a night for bathroom GONE
low energy GONE
easily irritated GONE
extreme fatigue-in bed every few days due to exhaustion GONE
pain in knees REDUCED
pain in hips REDUCED
back pain REDUCED
gall stones STILL THERE
fatty liver STILL THERE
shoulder pain GONE
frequent stomach upset GONE
poor mood GONE
allergies REDUCED
asthma attacks REDUCED

 I am not really taking anything specific to these ailments. Just a vitamin mixture called the Vitalizer, it contains a multi vitamin, b complex and omegas, I later added in the Cinch meal replacement shakes and the anti-aging product called VIVIX. So I am not taking something for joint pain, allergies, insomnia etc. The supplements I am taking just seemed to improve most of my complaints. It's good stuff!

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