Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm no super hero!

 I posted on Friday that I had planned to really push myself this weekend while fueled by Shaklee. It was a great start. I had a busy day Friday topped off by a long evening at a concert. Errands and such on Saturday with a meeting Saturday evening. 2 church services on Sunday and my event that afternoon had been cancelled which worked out great because I was pooped!! 

 I relaxed on the couch after lunch on Sunday and felt like a nap. I slept for 2 hours! I have always had a habit of pushing myself until I drop, healthy or not! Now that I am feeling so well I have really been pushing myself and need to balance that out.

 Did the products help? Absolutely! Will they make me a super hero? Uh... NO! I guess I was feeling so great I forgot that. Now I will be working on my terrible habit of going until I drop. That combined with my new found vitality should have great results!

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