Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Fog Has Lifted

 I have been taking Shaklee supplements since early April and they have really changed my life! I must say I did not have a healthy life style. I didn't always eat the best food or get enough exercise. So I know I was in a really bad place with my health. The reason I say this is because not everyone is going to have the dramatic results that I've had. Although most people I talk to do see an obvious difference.

 The difference in my health has been obvious to those around me. I feel great and everyone can tell. At first it was very obvious that these supplements were really making a difference and I was so happy. I have continued to add things in slowly and continue to see a difference. Not the huge change I saw in the beginning but important changes. I now sleep all night and get up early, sometime between 4 and 6 every morning. I have the stamina to make it through the day and not give the time I got up a second thought! I also just feel like I am getting back to being me. I fell like a fog has been lifted and I have been living in a daze for years! I am just in such a great mood, able to joke around with my daughter and just have fun with her.

 This past month or so has really been an eye opening experience and I can't wait to see how my health continues to improve.

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