Saturday, May 7, 2011

Moving On

 Okay so I have been pretty impressed with the vitamins, tea, bars etc. Now I am moving on to the H2 cleaning solution.

 I just got it yesterday and couldn't wait to try it this morning. I mixed it up and it was 16oz of water to 1/4 tsp of solution! Really? This is gonna work? Hmmmm.... we'll just see about that! So I Start with the easy stuff kitchen table, counter and sink. Pretty good no biggie though, well it did get the crud off the faucet with no real effort. Ya know the water deposits and stuff. So okay I usually have to put a little elbow grease into it, but not this time. BUT, will it clean my walls? You see we have white walls, and not just white but flat white. Did it do the trick? Oh yeah! it even cleaned the scuff marks off the wall!

 So am I impressed? Uh... yeah! Not even the Magic Eraser could do that! I tried time and time again with that thing. Plus the H2 is non-toxic unlike the eraser which contains lye. And way less expensive? I have 16 oz of the solution which can makes a whopping 48 gallons of super awesome cleaner!  I cant wait to try it on my windows and stove and my car and.......

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